3-D Design

The finished product might be "just what I wanted" jewelry that takes your breath away, but there’s more to it than that. At Ragan's Jewelry, you’ll discover an extensive design process to create those unforgettable moments that come when you gift of our jewelry designs. Some things to consider include:


We work hard to maintain our reputation for creating captivating original jewelry pieces. You might not find exactly what you are looking for within our exclusive jewelry collections on display, but you are sure to be inspired.  If you prefer to redesign out-dated or worn-out jewelry into something new and exciting, our team is comprised of professionals who are well able to help you create a special one-of-a-kind piece tailored to your wants and needs.

Don't be scared into thinking that custom costs more. When you shop at a chain store you will get what you pay for and you may soon regret that "Clearance Sale' indulgence. You might be surprised to learn that we can usually provide better stones and a great design for a fair market price that is comparable - if not lower - to what you could pay a large-scale retailer.  Consider these few points before you make your next jewelry purchase:


Will the piece last for years to come or was it made as cheaply as possible? A quick peek on the inside of a ring's band will tell you if it was hollowed out to save metal cost or cast solid to withstand daily wear and tear. We take pride in creating sturdy jewelry and we will never cut corners in the quality we provide to you.

 Crafted by...?

Was the piece stamped out by a machine or was it crafted by a real person with attention to detail? Our jewelry is proudly made in the USA by experienced goldsmiths. We carefully inspect every piece of jewelry before it leaves our store to make sure we are providing you with only the best fine jewelry.

 Shopping Experience vs. Pressured Sale

Are you going being talked into something bigger and better just to pad a salesperson's wallet? Are there multiple salespeople fighting for your business within the store? We work as a team at Ragan's Jewelry and we work to make you happy, not based on how much we can make you spend.

 One Size Fits All

Are you having a stock item altered to fit you or can you get exactly what you need without compromising the strength of your piece? Most retailers carry one or two standard sizes and send jewelry off to be resized to fit. Why not have your piece made exactly to fit you the first time knowing it will wear better in the long run.


Your design will be rendered with 3-D design software, giving you the advantage of seeing your finished piece before it is ever created.  We then take that file and load it into our milling machine so it can be carved out of wax.  Once it has been cast into the metal of your choice - 14K, 18K, platinum or sterling silver - our talented goldsmiths will finish creating your masterpiece.

 Follow Up

Don't think that you stop being our customer just because your project is done. We stand behind our work and will continue to take care of your new custom jewelry. Stop in for a cleaning or let us know if you knock a stone loose. Our workmanship is our good reference and we want you to be completely satisfied with your experience.

 Our Custom Design Process:

  • Bring us a picture that inspires you or an idea sketch of what you would like to create.
  • Let us get a feel for what you are looking for and we will create your one-of-a-kind design.
  • Leave the work to us. In a short time we will present you with your new custom keepsake.

 Computer Aided Design

What if you know exactly what you want but you can't find it anywhere? This is a common challenge that is easily solved. Gone are the days of pencil sketches that look one way on paper and entirely different when completed. We have the software necessary to prepare a finished render of your custom piece, so you can see your dream design before we ever start to make it.

 Gemstone Selection

We have access to a fabulous assortment of loose diamonds and gemstones in all colors and price ranges. Don't fall into the trap of being oversold by a commission-driven salesperson.  Let us help you design exactly what you envision and bring your masterpiece to life.

 Custom Logo Work

We can turn your corporate logo or favorite symbol into something special. Whether you've got a design already or need us to put one together for you, we can supply just what you need.  Maybe you need a giveaway at the next big convention or possibly a parting gift for a hard working employee - give us the opportunity to see what we can do for you.

 Style Matching

If you brought in an engagement ring that didn't quite lend itself to be worn with a traditionally styled wedding band, our design staff is able to help fulfill your dreams by designing a wedding band that perfectly fits with that engagement ring to complete your wedding set look.  We can also make the earrings that go with your grandmother's hand-me-down keepsake ring, or a pendant to match.


Everyone has hidden treasure in their jewelry box - they just don't know it. Let us set an appointment to look over the old so we can make it new again. Your old stones from a worn-out setting can be placed into something updated that you can hand down to your children.

Treat yourself to the fantasy of custom jewelry.
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